About Edufinder

We aim to revolutionise the education sector, by working on the basic infrastructure and by developing smart skills to guide, help & improvise the knowledge. Edufinder helps in maintaining the top-notch intelligence quotient and e-learning base to everyone, with just a click. We initiated it in 2020 as a life hack to Students, Faculty Members, Educational & Digital Training Institutes, Universities, Online Distance Learning Schools, Coaching and parents.

We are a one-stop solution and sure-shot decision enhancing entity, with an easy & user-friendly interface. We provide certification courses for online programs which are valid and accepted across all industries and institutions.Our 5 modules include information for all the universities and colleges across the globe, E-learning Courses in 1000+ fields, Career helping guide based on IQ and aptitude, Regularly Updated daily test series for all Competitive exams, and Student Campus Ambassador Programs.